PIP Suits

PIP Personal Injury Protection

All drivers in the state of Florida are required to carry PIP insurance (Personal Injury Protection), as an extension of their auto insurance. Insurance companies are required to pay up to $10,000.00 in medical bills, regardless of who was at fault in an auto accident.

Insurance companies often attempt to reduce or completely deny payments of PIP benefits to medical providers. The most frequent reasons include:

  •         Insurers may claim that the treatment was not reasonable or necessary based on an Independent Medical Examination
  •         Payment may be denied if a patient fails to attend an Examination Under Oath
  •         Bills may be reduced to an amount that is equal to 80% of 200% of the Federal Medicare Fee Schedule, or the Florida Workers Compensation Fee Schedule
  •         Payment may be limited to $2,500.00 if there has not been an EMC determination
  •         Bills may be reduced by claiming that the amount charged is beyond the amount that is usual and customary in a specific geographic region
  •         The insured failed to disclose a resident relative when applying for insurance
  •         The insured failed to make ‘material disclosures’ in the insurance application

We represent medical providers who have been denied payments they are entitled to, for services performed on injured auto accident patients. If you are a medical provider who has accepted an assignment of benefits, pursuant to your patient’s auto insurance policy, and the payment for those services has been denied or underpaid, contact us immediately. Even if you do not believe there to be any underpayment, our team will meticulously review your files to determine if you are owed any additional overdue payments that you may be unaware of. We can help you recover money from insurance companies for bills denied within the past five years at NO COST to you whatsoever.